The First NFT Restaurant

Dragonfly Supper Club is the world's first live restaurant network where membership is owned as an NFT to gain special access to our restaurant venues and exclusive member events

Dragonfly Supper Club

Members receive a $100 recurring monthly credit to our restaurant network and social invites to our member only Dragonfly Supper Club


NFT Private Pass

Members receive anytime reservations and private access to exclusive events, benefits, and private spaces within our network


Which NFT is right for me?

We are building a new, community based economic model where our restaurant network will provide a special level of care to our membership. This includes fundamental recurring utility such as a $100 monthly food credit for the lifetime of our participating restaurants, and access benefits such as exclusive private spaces, anytime reservations, and special experiences curated towards building this member community. Read our FAQ here.


Dragonfly Linden

300 person capacity dining and event space including a full cocktail bar, private patio dining area, and six brands

Dragonfly Woodbridge

368 person capacity restaurant and event space including a full cocktail bar, private patio dining area, and eight brands

Dragonfly NFT Announced

The world’s first live NFT restaurant network, with Dragonfly Linden, Dragonfly Woodbridge, and its 14 brands as inaugural network participants

Dragonfly Portal

Our membership portal will be made available before our public token launch for immediate member utility

Member pre-sale

Private pre-sale for local members, project contributors, and network restaurants. Also seeking NY, NJ, and PA members and restaurants to beta initial token utilization

Public Mint

See our FAQ, and upcoming checklist and membership purchase tutorial. Date to be announced after the pre-sale is complete

Dragonfly Supper Club

Curated private events and exclusive access limited to Dragonfly Supper Club and Gargoyle Society. Additional Supper Club dinners and events to be announced soon from the Dragonfly Network

Expand Dragonfly Community

After the public launch, continue to grow our community base and launch additional Dragonfly Supper Club dinners and events

Dragonfly Community

The economic architecture of our membership is designed with two distinct goals in mind: (1) to build our member community and to (2) maximize the utility benefits available to our community, as we continue to add new restaurants, entertainment venues, and other special member experiences for our community